mercredi 26 décembre 2012

lundi 24 décembre 2012

mercredi 5 décembre 2012

Bo Wade L.A session

Here is an edit i made in california during my last trip. i filmed Bo Wade in his local spot in 2H at hermosa beach CA.

twitter : @jeanbulhon

lundi 3 décembre 2012

dimanche 2 décembre 2012

A BAD THING playlist part 2

Every week we send you the playlist of one of the A BAD THING rider.
Here is the second one with the flow team rider Kevin Jacob.

Playlist Part 1 with Maxandre Pillonel :

- Tame impala - why won't you make up your mind.
- lords of the underground - chief rocka.
- TIS - j'ai besoin.
- La microfaune - aucun revenu.
- MF doom - sofa king.
- Iam - quand tu allais, on revenait.
- The doors - love me two times ;
- A tribe called quest - we can get down.
- massive attack - paradise circus (zeds dead remix).
- le klub des loosers - encore merci.

lundi 26 novembre 2012

A BAD THING Playlist part 1

Every week we send you the playlist of one of the A BAD THING rider.
Here is the first one with the flow team rider Maxandre Pillonel.

Playlist Part 1 with Maxandre Pillonel :

- the underachievers - Gold Soul Theory
- ASAP Mob - Thuggin' Noise
- Marley Marlz - Higher
- Set & Match - Sunset
- Breakbot - Easy fraction
- Lil' Jon - Get Low (Nicorosine Chillwave Remix)
- Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods
- DeltA - Rhopalapion 
- Booba - Jour de Paye
- Flatbush Zombies - Laker Paper
- Borgore - It Never Ends
- Riishi G7 - Vedic Chamber
- Pony Boy - Head Butta

mardi 6 novembre 2012


In less than 2 weeks will take place the com'in'lyon 2012, it'll be crazy with so many riders from everywhere. The staff made a very nice job to make it happen.
You have to be there, of course i will !

book-rider profile

check my book-rider pro page !!

dimanche 21 octobre 2012

LA trip days 9-10

Day 9

Woke up early with Bobby Carter, we eat a breakfast and let's go to the Hollywood sign wicht really close from his place. Beautifull place.
Bobby took me on hollywood boulevard where i was alone for a while to visit and do shopping. We mooved to china town, funny place, then to little tokyo.
Time to eat japanese food and meet Bo Wade for a really nice session. We ate buritos...again.
I'm too tired to go outside on the shore so..good night !

Day 10

Woke up with BO, breakfast and good sesh at the parking, and he had to work so i chilled alone on hermosa beach for a while and i went meet a girl after.
The night was cool, just japanese food with bo's friends, 2 australian dirt riders who rent the latest camaro to go SF for the dew tour, beer in a bar and directly home cuz in 4h i have my plane !

This trip was amazing, i met too many nice peoples, saw so many crazy place,..

Big shout out to Bo wade, EZ chris and his girlfriend, ryan russel, bobby carter, the french crew (alex and matthias) who killed it at the toast jam, all the great US peoples i met during my trip,...

I love CALI and L.A, i'll be back soon !

hollywood hills view

hollywod sign

china town

china town

Bobby enjoyed his japan meal

little tokyo

evening session

buritos time

parking spot

hermosa pier

hermosa beach

hermosa beach

hermosa shore

hermosa beach

latest camaro rent car

plane view of colorado

mercredi 17 octobre 2012

LA trip Days 6-7-8

Days 6

Finals day at the toast jam..what an amazing day for me, i qualified 11th but adam diclaudio hurt his bak so i had to run he final. really stocked on this and sad for adam. The only probleme was i had no riding shoes, i didn't practice before, i had a lone star beer on my right and and the most important was i haven't my bike ahah !
But hopefully Matthias gave me his bike with an offset fork !!!!
I ride my two run, i pulled some triks. sketchy but i had a good time ! i got 10th place.
Bo Wade did a nice run and took 9th place, Alex took 8th, terry did a better run than at the qualification so he took 3rd place, Matthias pulled almost all his banger with a relly nice las tr combo and took 2nd place and Dom took 1st with an almost perfect run with all his combo like a machine.

Day 8

Nothing really excited on the monday, just chilling in Austin with EZ and Ryan Russel, eating tacos and was the time to go back in LA. 4h later i landed in Los Angeles.
Time to sleep.

Day 9

I woke up early, did a lil session with BO in his spot. So we went at his shop on the afternoon cuz he had to work and i needed to buy some shoes, then Bobby Carter picked me up to show me the famous place like, venice beach, Santa monica, Beverlyhills, hollywood boulevard,...CRAZY !
Too much photos and souvenir.
definatly a great day !

JFB and Sctott obrien

my bro EZ

JFB x JB x Lone Star beer

santa monica

venice beach

beverly hills

Hollywood boulevard

lundi 15 octobre 2012

LA trip day 4 and 5

Day 4

Morning Austin !

EZ chris, Bo and myslef wanted to move with the bike downtown to chill in Austin..we mooved to Wlamart of course where a bought a so cool iron man mask ahah !
Then we took one of the better smoothie i ever ate in a great place. After that we visited the skate park, almost 100 shreder were there before the contest, Big daddy tried a huge transfer from the bowl to a rail...insane !
Ok time to eat more tacos, pack our bag and meet the locals at the OG spot. nice session untill 1am. 
Time to go back home cuz tomorow is the contest !

Day 5

Saturday, the qualification day. 12am 1000% of humidity, huge spot but the light sucks. 22 riders in pro class. 
I made a nice run with original combos but it was not enought to be qualify and i finish 11th...
Matthias and alex really killed it, they got 1ST and 3rd place, dom 4th, Bo wade took the 10th place.

Time to go to the party with a great DVD premiere of brian foster, was so cool ! bo, EZ and mysef mooved downtown to party more and met Alex, Matthias and terry at the shakspear bar for 20min cuz the bar close at 2am...So much weird peoples on the street.
Ok time to eat tacos wthis some weird guys and go back home with our Lone star beer at the rear of the EZ's truck. 
See you tomorow for the finals. 



Big Dady

OG spot

Wonder woman

My boy EZ

Half beard man

dimanche 14 octobre 2012

LA trip day 2 and 3

day 2

jetlag made me wake up at 7am but 4h later me and Bo was going to chill on the LA shore, visiting the surf shop where he works and eat some burritos.
After that we rode a couple of hours at his spot on a indoor parking, dope place with a good floor.
One stop in a starbuck and we met his friends jesse and amanda on a tennis court for a night session, Nice spot too.
Go back homa at 12pm to pack our bag to go to Austin the next day at 5am.
1am, im too tired, day 2 is over.

Day 3

woke up at 4h30 to go to LAX and take my flight to Austin. I landed 4h later with rain and a 1000% of humidity, crazy !
Chris AKA EZchris picked us up at the airport go at the toast jam spot. 
The location is super guetto but super cool too, flatland area is really huge and the street shoud be insane.
We ate at a mexican food again with a cheap but really good meal. we watched the empire DVD "bad idea"  then We decided to visit Empire..crazy place, the Boss tina is so nice and the backstage are dope with a ramp, couch,...

So direction Chris's place to chill with some beer, his girlfriend cooked us homemade tacos, so much mexican food in 2 days, then we mooved to the OG spot with all the locals and some rider we were there for the contest, almost 30 riders.
It was a good session untill 1am.
We're a littl bit tired and Bo wanted to eat a Denny's so...Let's go to Denny's !
3am it's tim to go to sleep.